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Jun. 6th, 2010 02:17 am
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I was irritated by my eye's puffiness today but I wanted to wear my contacts so I can make use of my six month pack. I made plans with my friend, Jay Corpuz to eat some pho at Noodle House.

Originally we wanted to eat at Pho Nam Cali but our direction lead us to Noodle House. After that, he decided to prank my friend, Samantha Acosta about us getting into an accident. Very bad joke but I was touched on how far Sammy would have gone just to see if I was OK. It wasn't a test, but it is wrong to play a prank like that to a person who genuinely cares about me.

I love you Sammy. Friends like you are definitely rare nowadays so I am thankful.

After that , Jay showed me a 'sidestreet' way to downtown which will come in handy when can finally drive. Hehe! We went near the San Diego Airport to hang out until Rhealyn called and told me a predicament about getting a book for her English class. We went to Mission Valley Mall for Borders and decided to call people up to hang out afterward.

At the end of the day, I was with Jay, Rhealyn, Mic, Michael Wadell, and Michael Morales. With Mic's car, we spend the rest of our time at Sunset Cliffs.
I realized yesterday as I was looking at my sister's new anime figurines that I will just contribute to her collection than start my own. There is no need for duplicates unless there is something that I really like. My sister collects mangas and I retired from manga collecting years ago because of lack of funds. When I get a job, I do plan to collect the series that I grew to love like Boys Over Flowers and Fruits Basket. As for DVD, it would most likely be Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. It depresses me that I have a lot to catch up on over the years because I am always broke!

Sigh, I should elaborate on my next post the things that I wish I could have done but can't..

My personal treasures right now are letter from my pen pals and postcards that I receive from postcrossing. I may not get all these things, but receiving something in the mail makes me happy even if they are from people that I never met. Even if a person stopped responding back to my letters, I do not plan throwing away any of the letters. It is a great feeling to know someone else by handwritten letters.

There is so much on my mind that I want to blog about in separate entries but I had a long day so, 'til next time!


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