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I love free blog sites without any ads, which is why I keep coming back here to Dreamwidth. I use Blogspot for my other site (the pictures are provided by my bestfriend, Rhealyn), thistorchforyou.blogspot.com and did made another personal blog account on Blogspot but I never really got the feel of it. I admit, I switch blogs a lot. I feel a bit upset that I do not have a lot of time to write on a personal journal. We wil see how I will fare on Dreamwidth. If anything, maybe I should gather all my blogs monthly and then print it out to save for future use. Hm, who knows! (Or save it on multiple places yearly..)

I thought that I would do much better during my Senior year, but seniorities is a pain in the ass so I am settling for a 'B' in some of my classes even if I can easily get an A especially in British Literature. Anyway, all I can say is that I am extremely lazy and I just want to be stressed about other things.. like nursing related! Other than that, I had been always a school and home person. Today I started playing Ninja Gaiden 2. Honestly, I am over the Call of Duty trend! I only liked the campaign mode.

Oh, and if anyone is curious about my 'status', I am single but not available or lets say, trying to keep my options open but I refuse to. How the hell am I going to explain that? I am hoping, and wishing.. but at the same time, I wanted to have some kind of stability. I wanted the time to grow, for both of us but really, plain waiting does not get anything in return. I pity my emotions for being this way. For still wanting, but I can not change him. Life goes on, and time heals. But I will be here..

I guess, I yearn for comfort, stability, and faithfulness the most. We both have to be stable. There are so many things that I still want to change about myself.

Naps make me feel more tired.. Quite the paradox, eh?

This is going to be a semi public account where some of the personal thoughts would only be logged in private.


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